We all know that since many years ago, as US Nonresident Aliens living outside of America territory, Foreigners are almost impossible to open a new USA bank account from overseas any more. But with the globe economy keeps growing, more and more international business and activities require a quick and safe payment method using the world most strongest currency – US Dollar, specially after  the internet based business and online affiliate network’s booming, many people are so eager to get a fully functioning bank account, PIN based debit card and even credit card opened from U.S. banks.

It’s popular to open USA bank account through eTrade.com by opening stock online trade account in last couple of years, but some of you may already know that this method doesn’t working well any more. But, don’t be frustrated please,  here we are introducing a fully working solution how to get a USA bank account in about only 2-3 weeks, for FREE! It works also for US resident who has bad credit history or go bankruptcy before because this method doesn’t need US social security number and no credit history check needed. The steps introduced in this website have been confirmed by many users from all over the world since past 12 months, and every 3 months we will verify the procedures again to make sure the instructions mentioned here are always correct and accurate.

  •  First, you need a USA address – Note:  P.O. Box address doesn’t work, so please don’t try to use USA PO Box address to apply for bank account, it will be rejected. besides that, any USA residential address or business address are 100% OK.  The USA Address is used to receive the physically bank debit credit card.Most readers come to this website are living aboard, so this is first challenge you have to deal with. But no worry! In current days it’s easy to get a functioning USA address for free or with a very small amount of cost, for example: 1/ Through Relatives and Friends who are living in USA – get their living address in USA, whatever it’s business address, family house or condo/apartment no., if they can receive mails with your name on the letter, than the address is OK ( again, no PO Box please ); 2/ Asking your Relatives or Friends to rent a mailbox for you in their nearby locations – Be attention: the regular US Post Office rental mailbox won’t work, because they provide only P.O. Box address. But still there have other choices from several courier service providers in USA: UPS Mailbox Rental Service http://www.theupsstore.com/products-services/mailbox/Pages/index.aspx 3/ Using commercial mail forwarding or mailbox rental service, please check our US Address page for details.

  •  Second, click this link to applying for a USA debit credit card by filling your full name, your USA shipping address and your email address etc. information. Make sure you didn’t make any mistake when submitting the form.There is no verification required for this step! So it’s pretty simple and straight forward. The physically debit credit card will be shipped to your USA address in about 5-10 days, pretty quick!

  • Once you receive the bank account, go back to the bank website to activate the bank account and following the web page instructions one by one using the account information you registered when applying for the account;

  • At the last step, it will ask you to call the bank service line to finalize the account activation, the reason is:  You are not resident alien so you don’t have Social Security Number, the bank side need additional information from your side in order to verify your identity. Don’t be scared, it’s super easy to get approved!  Using your Voice Over IP long distance calling card or softphone to call the service line and talk to the agent, they will realize what your situation is and tell you that you need fax or email your passport’s photocopy to them.  Be careful! They will give you a reference no., write it down, don’t make mistake! Also write down the email address and the fax number please.

  • Now send your passport’s image file to the activation email address as attachment, note: Your passport’s first name, last name, country name, birthday and passport number must be exactly matched to what you provided in the online activation form! Put the reference no. in the email subject, also mention your name etc. information in your email body.

  • Waiting for about 4-8 hours then login to the bank website again, you will see your internet online banking access is fully approved.

  • Now come to the last step – to finalize the bank account activation from online. Click Activation button, following the steps to enter your debit card number and other information, now your bank account is fully activated! Congratulations!

  • The debit card comes with a fully working USA checking account, you can check the routing no. and check account no. by click Direct Deposit related menu items from the web site. This information is very useful if you want to get ACH direct deposit payment from others.